Parent Participation

All families attending St. Anthony’s are expected to contribute 30 hours of volunteer time towards the various activities at our School. You can contact the School Office for further information concerning signing up for volunteer activities.

In order to receive credit for your volunteer hours, you must submit details of your volunteer hours. As of January 2, 2017 we will be using the ONVOLUNTEER program to log the parent participation hours.

  1. Online by linking to the following page: ONLINE PPP FORM.  This is the ONVOLUNTEER Parent Participation Program Log.

Please use the following categories when completing the forms:

  1. Playground Supervision
  2. Traffic Supervision
  3. Library
  4. Lunches
  5. Class Parent
  6. Classroom Helpers – indicate grade
  7. Driving
  8. Fund Raising
  9. Social Activities
  10. Welcoming
  1. School Activities
  2. Sports
  3. Emergency Preparedness
  4. Uniforms
  5. Sickroom Monitor
  6. Parent Resource
  7. Parent Participation Program
  8. Office/Clerical
  9. Education Committee
  10. Other

Thank you for your assistance!