Application Process

Admission Policy – General

As part of the admission process, the pastor, principal and, when practical, a PEC member will meet with each new family. From the interview and the information available to them the pastor, PEC member and principal will decide if the school can meet the needs of the student and if the family and student can meet the school’s requirements.

Priorities for Admittance (CISVA Policy)

For purpose of this policy, “practicing Catholics” means individuals who are registered in a parish and attend Sunday Mass regularly; “active in parish” refers to individuals who support the parish by regularly using envelopes and participating in the work activities required of them by the pastor.

Applications for enrollment will be given preference in the following order:

  1. Children presently enrolled at St. Anthony’s provided they and their families meet the school’s expectations.
  2. Siblings of children already attending St. Anthony’s whose parents are practicing
    Catholics and active in the parish;
  3. Children whose parents are practicing Catholics and active in the parish;
  4. Siblings of children already attending St. Anthony’s whose parents are practicing
    Catholics active in other parishes;
  5. Children whose parents are practicing Catholics coming into the parish, who have been attending Catholic school elsewhere;
  6. Children whose parents are practicing Catholics active in other parishes;
  7. Children whose parents are either not practicing Catholics or are not active in their parish;
  8. Non-Catholics. [Note that enrollment of more than 15% non-Catholics in any grade requires the approval of the CISVA board of directors. Once accepted into the school, non-Catholics need meet only the criteria expected of other students to be readmitted in subsequent years. Siblings of non-Catholics cannot be given priority over Catholics.]

Registration Requirements

Since the government grant is paid only for permanent residents of Canada, all children and their parents who were born outside Canada must submit a copy of their Landed Immigrant Certificate or Citizenship Certificate at the time of registration.

A non-refundable registration fee must be submitted each year at the time of registration.

Prior to completion of the admission process, the parents must read and sign the Statement of Commitment in the registration package. Regis

Financial Policies

1. Attendance
By May 15, students must have attended a minimum of 135 days in the school year, in order to qualify for government funding (medical absences excepted, providing a note is sent). Parents/guardians are responsible for student attendance at school. Failure to attend the required number of school days per academic year will result in a proportionate loss of government funding for the student. Parents or guardians are held liable to reimburse the school for this loss of funding.

2. Registration & Fee Information
Tuition fees are subject to the approval of the Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA).

The CISVA has entered into an agreement with Revenue Canada in which the portion of the year’s tuition related to religious instruction will be eligible as a charitable donation. Tax receipts for this portion of the tuition will be issued at the beginning of each calendar year for the previous year’s tuition. Since tuition and government grants do not cover expenses, the parishes of St. Anthony and Christ the Redeemer provide a subsidy to St. Anthony’s School to cover the shortfall derived from the cost of operations.

Parents are required to pay an amount equivalent to the provincial government student funding grant should their child be ineligible for government funding because of immigration status.

Students applying to the school are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable application fee to cover the administration costs of applications.

The following forms are required upon registration:

  1. a parish registration form, signed by the pastor, must be submitted with the fees to qualify for parish tuition levels “A” or “B” (see Fee Schedule);
  2. a signed parent/guardian Statement of Commitment; a signed student Statement of Commitment Grades 4 – 7;
  3. a completed Parent Participation Program Registration form;
  4. a completed Student Release form;
  5. a completed Eligibility for Government Funding form.
  6. a completed Information Storage Permission form

The following cheques are required upon registration:

  1. Registration fee
  2. School Supplies and Activity Fee

This fee pays for:

  1. Photocopier use and paper;
  2. Art supplies;
  3. Classroom supplies;
    • student workbooks (catechism books, math books)
      student notebooks
      pencil/pen supplies
      wax crayons/pencil crayons/paint sets
      rulers/math sets
      lined papers (exam paper, loose-leaf)
  4. Consumable science supplies;
  5. Consumable math supplies
  6. Consumable computer supplies;
  7. Gym supplies and maintenance of equipment;
  8. Sports fees.

A detailed list of school supplies is available in the school office.

  1. Tuition Fees
    Parents can assist the school by paying the tuition fees in a lump sum for the year with one cheque dated September 1st.
  2. Parent Participation Program Fee
    All fees are payable by the re-registration deadline (enrolled students) or when new students are accepted into the school.

3. Tuition Assistance
St. Anthony’s School endeavours to ensure that no student is denied a Catholic Education because of financial difficulty. Should the payment of school fees become difficult, parents should contact their parish priest. All communication will be strictly confidential.

4. Early Withdrawal
There is a 3 month penalty fee for the withdrawal of students during the school year.

5. NSF Cheques
There is a $25.00 charge for all cheques returned due to non-sufficient funds.

Special Needs Students

St. Anthony’s believes in integrating special needs students into the regular classroom program with consideration for the individual circumstances of the child involved. For further details, please contact the principal.

Class Size
Class size has been established at a maximum of 28 students in the primary grades (Kindergarten – Grade 3) and 28 students in the Intermediate grades (Grades 4 – 7). These numbers are subject to adjustment in consultation with the Pastors, the Principal and the teacher. The absolute maximum in any grade is 30. It is understood that this absolute maximum is only in the event of extenuating circumstances.